Ederseebahn, Korbach

I always enjoy riding my bike on old converted railway tracks: the inclination is limited, the infrastructure is often good, many tunnels and bridges are found on the way and you can typically discover remains of past railway times. One of these converted tracks can be found close to the Edersee in Northern Hesse: Between 1884 and 1917 a railway track was opened linking Wabern (Hesse) and Brilon-Wald (North Rhine-Westphalia). While the routes from Wabern to Bad Wildungen and from Korbach to Brilon-Wald are still in operation and served every two hours, the middle section from Korbach to Wega is out of service.

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Following the Eder

Edersee, Edertal

The Eder is a 176 km long river leading from Westphalia (near the Rothaargebirge) to the river Fulda with the confluence being located at Edermünde south of Kassel, Germany. It is mostly known for the Edersee – Germanys second-largest artificial lake used for sports, recreation, flood protection, drinking water provisioning and energy production. From Kassel, you can visit it easily by bike on a 70 km long tour – mostly flat if you ignore the final ascent to the dam. A trip very worth to be taken!

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Aquapark Edersee, Edertal, Germany

The AquaPark in the small village Hemfurth belonging to Edertal, Germany is a water playground next to the dam of the Edersee water reservoir. If you arrive at the village you’ll have to park your car in a large car park outside the village (for a small fee) and walk five minutes to the dam. There a fountain creates a small artificial river that cools down dogs and the feet of children. Continue reading “AquaPark”

The Edersee

Edersee, Edertal, Germany

The second largest water reservoir in Germany with a water surface of 11.8 squarekilometers can be found in the federal state of Hesse. The river Eder is stopped by a 48 meters high dam built between 1908 and 1914. It is used to supply the Mittellandkanal with water to assure that ships can transport goods from the Ruhrgebiet to Berlin, Germany. The area around the Edersee belongs to the natural reserve Kellerwald-Edersee which offers different opportunities to have a nice time. Continue reading “The Edersee”