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The WildtierPark Edersee is a park for wild domestic animals in Edertal, Germany – not far away from the Edersee dam and next to the TreeTopWalk. From the park you can have some nice views on the Edersee, the dam and Schloß Waldeck. At the entrance you can find a nice exhibition from the Naturschutzbund (NABU) and then take a round trip through the park which lasts about two hours.

While walking through the park you will meet wild boars, deer, squirrels, goats, badgers, red foxes, stags, bisons and capricorns. The area is quite large and the animals could most often hide easily but they seem to be used to meet humans. I really liked to get close to deer, walk trough the area for wild boars and to see red fox and badger sleep together in one burrow.

The park includes a small shop with nice items and in front there is a good playground. Attached to the main building is also a snack bar where they try the balancing act between serving simple snacks (what they are good in) and being a real restaurant. Be aware that you’re walking in the shadows of the trees most times – in autumn it might be colder there than you expect.

WildtierPark Edersee
34549 Edertal

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