O Captain! My Captain!

There are many good reasons to search for a nice beer garden: maybe you don’t have an own garden and just want to hang out, maybe you just want to have a beer in the sunshine. The beer garden named Käpt’n Tom at Fuldabrück, Germany offers an additional reason as it is located close to the river Fulda and the bicycle path R1 bringing you from Kassel to Melsungen or the Edersee lake. Everything there looks handmade and a little bit improvised but that makes up the cosy atmosphere.

In the long-stretched garden, you’ll find different seating options from simple chairs to sun loungers and Hollywood swings. There is a sandbox and you’ll always find some toys – it is absolutely also a good place for kids. But adults can have a relaxed time there as well as there is a nice little library available to extend your stay. The complete place is self-service and at one booth you can get drinks and at another the necessary sausage to make your stay perfect.

The garden was formerly named Biergarten am Fuldaknie which sounds quite boring. In 2019 the former owners retired and gave the garden to Tom Liebehenz who is known at Kassel to be the founder of the famous bar Hot Legs. He gave the place a completely new style and made it as wonderful as it is today. The beer garden has 200 seats which are not lined up as in typical large beer gardens but distributed throughout the area. A great place at which I will definitely spend some hours this summer.

Käpt‘n Tom

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