Hot Legs

It sounds much more erotic than it really is: the bar Hot Legs at Kassel, Germany. This venue was once decorated with the legs of display dummies – and therefore it received its name. Today it is just a nice and a little bit shabby bar at the Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, neighboring other party locations. Here they show major sports events and on Wednesdays you can often listen to live music.

When I was there, they really had a line-up with five or six different local artists playing until midnight. Therefore, you’ll pay 50 cents extra per drink. The bar is split in two sections: on the left side you can get some fresh air and on the right side dense smoke is hovering through the air. People at this place are friendly and outside peak hours it is a relaxing atmosphere. It’s just like with the Lolita Bar – if you check in here on social media your friends from outside Kassel might ask silly questions. 😉

Hot Legs
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 66
34119 Kassel

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  1. Hey there!
    Our dearest Hot Legs exists for almost 40 years now, it was named after Rod Stewart’s song “Hot Legs” and still has it’s “dummy” legs hanging above the door and the bar.
    Live music is every (!) wednesday.
    Now that we have the facts straight, come visit! 🙂

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