It is beloved and hated at the same time: the Goetheanlage in the city quarter Vorderer Westen of Kassel, Germany. A strictly geometric park where people meet to play, chat and to have a barbecue. It was opened in 1933 in the valley of the small river Drusel which still today ruins underneath in a drain. To create the park the place was filled with trash and soil. People living around were often annoyed by others having parties in the park – therefore since 2011 drinking alcohol is prohibited between 10 pm and 8 am.

Within the park, you can find a large green field, basketball courts, a large swing and a special training place for adults. The Goetheanlage is also known to be the place where the local organization of the Socialdemocratic Party (SPD) organizes a flee market for children’s clothing – so big that it is known far beyond the boundaries of the city. The Goetheanlage is a nice place to hang out and meet.

Herkulesstraße 95
34119 Kassel

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