Reopened Rijksmuseum

I’ve been to Amsterdam, the Netherlands many times during the last ten years but I never got the opportunity to explore the Rijksmuseum in its full beauty. On my last trip is was at least partly opened, since April 2013 the renovation works were finished. And that is why we could finally see every part of it – including “De Nachtwacht” (“The Night Watch“) of Rembrandt van Rijn.

The Rijksmuseum is located at the Museumplein, a green place also hosting the Stedelijkmuseum and the Van Gogh museum. It is a wonderful building with references to Gothic art and Renaissance style dating back to the year 1800 – and it has been declared a national monument.

In addition to the works of Rembrandt van Rijn the vast collection of the museum (8000 art works) also includes paintings of Jan Vermeer, Jacob van Ruysdael, and Jan Steen. If you’re looking for a souvenir: the museum store offers PlayMobil versions of Rembrandts “The Night Watch” and Vermeers “Het Melkmeisje” (“The Milkmaid“).

Museumstraat 1
1071 XX Amsterdam

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