It is one of the things people from Göttingen, Germany love to do on weekends: have a walk at the Kehr within the woods belonging to the city. There you will find deer and wild boars in two separate areas, you can buy some animal feed and take a round course which is approximately three kilometers long. Also a nice walk with children.

In addition there is a restaurant and beer garden in summer times to fulfill your needs. If you like to walk some meters more you can get to the Bismarckturm, a tower in the forest that can also be visited at specific dates. Or you can choose one of the hiking paths through the forest or walk back to the city from there.

The Kehr can be accessed by car easily from the upper end of the Schillerwiese. At the end of the road you will find sufficient parking lots (most times). Alternatively you can also get up by bus. From 2018 to 2019 bus 73 brought you up there directly on weekends, but than the route was cancelled. No you can go with bus 71 to Grete-Henry-Straße, take the stairs there, turn left and then it is a fiveteen minutes walk.

Borheckstraße 66
37085 Göttingen

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