I’ve visited many zoological gardens around the world but Korkeasaari is one of the best! The zoo of Helsinki is located on an island and that doubles the fun: you could take the bridge for sure, but best let the adventure start already at the harbor with a nice boat trip towards the island. On your way you can also observe the fleet of icebreaker ships anchoring near the city center.

The island was a recreational area for the inhabitants of Helsinki and was continuously extended with restaurants, a merry-go-round and animals. In 1889 the island was converted into a zoological garden, the oldest and largest one in the country. In contrast to other zoos it is rather small and only contains around 150 species on the 22 hectares large island. But that gives the animals enough space and the chance to hide – and visitors the feeling that the animals have a quite good life there.

Korkeasaari zoo
Mustikkamaanpolku 12
00270 Helsinki


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