Dornröschenschloß Sababurg, Hofgeismar

The Sababurg is a wonderful old castle within the Reinhardswald forest and belongs to Hofgeismar, Germany. It dates back to the year 1334 and carried different names over time: first, it was the Zappenburg protecting pilgrims, as the Zapfenburg it was later used for hunting. Today you can find a hotel and a restaurant within the grounds of the castle.

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Being godfather

Bald eagle 'Joker', Sababurg, Hofgeismar, Germany

The Tierpark Sababurg in Hofgeismar, Germany is a wonderful place for families – lots of animals, a playground, vast green fields and low prices. We get here every now and then and enjoy time in the sunshine. And we wanted to give something back. The Tierpark operates a program where you can support a specific animal by a donation and have your name on a plate within the park. Every year there is a special day for donors where you can learn more about the chosen one. Continue reading “Being godfather”