The Sababurg is a wonderful old castle within the Reinhardswald forest and belongs to Hofgeismar, Germany. It dates back to the year 1334 and carried different names over time: first, it was the Zappenburg protecting pilgrims, as the Zapfenburg it was later used for hunting. Today you can find a hotel and a restaurant within the grounds of the castle.

The Sababurg is often associated with the fairytale of the Sleeping Beauty in the Woods by the Brothers Grimm – but there is no real connection. Obviously it is a good reason to plant a lot of roses around the castle. Next to the Sababurg, you can find the wonderful zoo Tierpark Sababurg (it is only a very short walk to the entrance) and a little bit further away you can find the Urwald Sababurg with ancient trees and a wonderful atmosphere. You can get to the Sababurg best from Reinhardshagen or Trendelburg by car – but there is also a bus connecting Hann. Münden and Hofgeismar which passes the castle.

Dornröschenschloß Sababurg
34369 Hofgeismar

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