Canoeing on the Diemel

Diemel, Trendelburg

Travelling on a river by canoe is great fun. But it needs a lot of preparation: you need a boat, suitable equipment, a good point to start and most of all: someone who picks you up at your destination. Canoeing on the Diemel river is in contrast easy and well organized. You’ll get a canoe, a waterproof barrel, life jackets, paddles, and the phone number of someone to pick you up later.

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Ostriches, cow tongues & rhubarb cake

Wasserschloss Wülmersen, Trendelburg

The Wasserschloss Wülmersen is a wonderful place and a good destination for an excursion in the middle between Trendelburg and Bad Karlshafen. The name is a little bit misleading as it is not really a castle – it is a farm that dates back to the 12th century CE. In the past it was partially surrounded by a moat, therefore it received the name water castle or Wasserschloss.

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Trendelburg, Germany

The castle Trendelburg is a very well preserved fortification in Trendelburg, Germany; belonging to northern Hesse. It is dating back to the year 1303 CE and is nowadays a place for medieval festivals and fairytale adventures. It is one of the smaller castles of the area but the location near and above the city is pretty fascinating.

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