Urwald Sababurg

Welcome to the jungle! Not too far away from the entrance of the Tierpark Sababurg in Hofgeismar, Germany you will find a bus stop named ‘Urwald‘ and a parking lot. From here you can explore the Urwald Sababurg, a forest with trees nearly untouched for hundreds of years.

It is nice to watch the trees as you might have the feeling of never having seen real trees before. Most woods in Germany are used to produce wood and therefore broken trees are removed and trees never get too old because they are used for furniture or paper production.

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Here you can see how trees look like if they can grow over a longer period of time and what happens if a tree is not removed when it is broken. There are three ways marked in the forest but we lost our track. In some areas wooden bridges lead the visitors. It must be beautiful here anytime of the year.

Urwald Sababurg
34388 Gutsbezirk Reinhardswald

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