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An artist you can’t overlook when walking through Hann. Münden, Germany is the sculptor Heinz-Detlef Wüpper. He was born there in 1911 and died in 1995. His work Mundenia (“Die Schauende“) was placed at the Landschulheim in Pelzerhaken, Germany at the Baltic Sea. When the country hostel was closed in 2011 it was given back as a gift to Hann. Münden and can now be found at the Bremer Schlagd close to the city center.

It was the 100th birthday of the artist when the work returned home. An initiative then collected money to create the right environment for this work – including some benches so that you can enjoy the same good views like the sculpture. Some of his works can be seen at the sculpture garden on the Doktorwerder within river Werra: “Mädchen mit Stola“, “Stehender Frauenakt“, “Modell Katze“. A work referring to Rodins Thinker is located in front of the Grotefend-Gymnasium.

I didn’t know before that the sculpture “Verbundenheit” in front of the new town hall of my hometown Göttingen, Germany is also from him. Additionally you can find his works in Kassel (“Daphne“, “Wiederaufbau der Stadt Kassel“), Witzenhausen (“Der eine trage des anderen Last“, old town hall) and Göttingen (“Der Denker“, Max Planck Institute).

Wanfrieder/Bremer Schlagd, Skulpturenpark Doktorwerder, Grotefend-Gymnasium

Mundenia / Die Schauende
Hann. Münden

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