Düsterer Kellerbrunnen

The Düsterer Kellerbrunnen in Hann. Münden, Germany is just a small well where water comes out of a plastic tube that runs into river Werra. But it is the perfect destination for hiking on the Blümer Berg – because volunteers together with trainees and the local Bauverein (a housing corporation) created a nice hut there.

You can have a picnic and relax here. From this place it is only one kilometer down the hill to the Jagdhaus Heede (which has a nice menu by the way) where you can park your car. On the Blümer Berg you can hike to the Weserliedanlage above the city quarter Blume and enjoy nice views on Hann. Münden. You can also get to the Franzosenschanze (the fundament still visible) or the Hünenburg above Volkmarshausen.

Railway lovers might like to walk through the old Volkmarshäuser Tunnel of the Hannöversche Südbahn which is not operating anymore. You can also reach the Klusteich, a lake close to the valley of river Schede. What makes this region especially beautiful are the high number of springs in this area – you are walking next to small rivers most of the time.

Düsterer Kellerbrunnen
Blümer Berg
Hann. Münden

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