Round course on Kattenbühl

The city of Hann. Münden, Germany is surrounded by hills with vast forests. Therefore there are numerous good places for long walks. A good round course is reachable by car on the Kattenbühl: you can park your car at the nice Wald- und Abenteuerspielplatz and walk through the forest surrounding it.

From there a very good way leads you back into the direction of the city. Then it turns right at the Ebereschenring and behind the ruins of Haus Chattenbühl you can take a small path where you can look into an old quarry. High above the river Werra the path leads you into the direction of Laubach and you can enjoy views on the city quarter Herrmannshagen and the villages behind.

Later the path turns right back towards the Haarthstraße. Parallel to it a small way leads you along the road back to Hann. Münden. Shortly before the playground you will see some anthills with explanations. It is a 4.5 kilometers long walk with a medium inclination. It lasts about 1.5 hours if you don’t walk too fast.

Hann. Münden

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