Wald- und Abenteuerspielplatz Kattenbühl

The Wald- und Abenteuerspielplatz Kattenbühl is a playground in the forest close to Hann. Münden, Germany – near the road exiting the city quarter Kattenbühl and going to Laubach. It offers the possibility to have a barbecue with large groups and for children’s birthday parties.

There is a soccer ground, a ropeway, a slide, a sandbox and different items to climb on. It is maintained by the Niedersächsische Forstamt in Hann. Münden and in earlier days it was possible to rent this place for a small fee. But people didn’t care enough for this place, left their garbage here and there has been lots of damage.

Therefore you can today only use this place on your own risk. Recently volunteers repaired this playground and it is intended to establish a friends’ association to collect donations for additional items and restauration works. Let’s keep an eye on it and preserve this place for future generations.

Wald- und Abenteuerspielplatz Kattenbühl
34346 Hann. Münden


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