Penguin, meerkat & otter

Travelling with childrens? Not far from Hann. Münden and Göttingen you can find the Sababurg, an ancient castle from the year 1334. It is named “Dornröschenschloss” after the famous tales of the Brothers Grimm. In fact, most people visit this place for the zoological garden close by.

Entering the grounds is quite cheap (about 8 euros) and the season ticket is worth a look if you’re around often. You will find playgrounds and restaurants, animals you can get in contact with, a small railway and even it is only for a long walk around – this place is absolutely great. The residents are sheeps, wallabys, donkeys, penguins, meerkats, otters and many more. Beware of the penguins, they suspect food everywhere. 😉

I’ve got a strong personal connection to the Tierpark: my godanimal, bald eagle ‘Joker‘ is living here – and it was also the place where I married.

Sababurg 1
34369 Hofgeismar

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