The MusikTheater

Compared to my hometown, nightlife in Kassel is a bit limited. The Friedrich-Ebert-Straße, where most bars are, disappoints me – and the interesting spots like the Lolita bar are spread throughout the city. When it comes to concert locations there is one well known place – even outside of Kassel: The MusikTheater (or short: “MT”).

I came here to see my most favorite German band Madsen playing one of their rare concerts in the vicinity. But getting to the MT wasn’t easy, because it is located north of the railway tracks if your coming from Vorderer Westen, a part of Kassel located east of the city center.

If you want to walk from Kassel main station your navigation system will send you along the tracks to the MusikTheater. But that is no safe walk – there isn’t even light. Better take the tramway to Querallee and walk northbound.

The MT is quite a good concert hall but it was much bigger years ago. They reduced the size according to the amount of visitors.

Angersbachstraße 10
34127 Kassel

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