Being godfather

The Tierpark Sababurg in Hofgeismar, Germany is a wonderful place for families – lots of animals, a playground, vast green fields and low prices. We get here every now and then and enjoy time in the sunshine. And we wanted to give something back. The Tierpark operates a program where you can support a specific animal by a donation and have your name on a plate within the park. Every year there is a special day for donors where you can learn more about the chosen one.

Some years ago we were having a picnic at the Tierpark while the bird show took place on a hill nearby. Joker – a giant bald eagle – then decided that our muffins are more interesting than the show. She started a nosedive and joined us. Until the falconer arrived we had some minutes time to watch this giant bird. And as we are about to have our wedding at the Tierpark Sababurg, we decided to become godparents of Joker.

Tierpark Sababurg
Sababurg 1
34369 Hofgeismar

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