At the outskirts of Berlin

It is already becoming a family tradition: as the history of the family of my wife roots in Berlin, Germany we’re returning here every year in summertime. As there is currently a discussion about away homes going on (because of the lack of available flats in the city) we were staying at the hotel Sperlingshof in Dallgow-Döberitz west of the city. In fact it already belongs to the Havelland in the federal state of Brandenburg.

Next to the hotel often booked by bycicle tourists and craftsman is the nature protection area Döberitzer Heide – a nice area for long walks and home to Przewalski horses and the European bison. On the second day we took the ride to the  Spreewald, a former swamp area south of Berlin. There we went to the Kleiner Hafen, walked along the artificial channels through the woods but we didn’t have enough time for a boat ride. Our destination for that day was the spa Spreewelten where you can swim next to penguins – a lot of fun for kids.

The next day was my birthday and therefore I decided to visit the vast technology museum (Deutsches Technikmuseum) at the former location of the Anhalter Bahnhof. After learning a lot about trains, ships and planes we continued to the neighboring Science Center Spectrum – a museum with 150 do-it-yourself and experiments. After playing with science the day ended with a nine course menu at the wonderful  Lavanderia vecchia at the city quarter Neukölln.

We did a small trip to the past and visited the place where my wife was living as a child (at the Quarzweg) and explored the Britzer Garten – the area hosting the Bundesgartenschau (BUGA) in 1985. The area is not only a wonderful garden, it also contains nice lakes and restaurants, wonderful playgrounds and the best water playground I’ve ever seen. A surplus is the train running in circles through the park.

The next playground was Karls Erlebnis-Dorf, an agriculture themepark with a big shop and family-friendly restaurants in Wustermark. Afterwards we visited the Museum für Naturkunde in the center of Berlin – currently exhibiting a Tyrannosaurus rex, the only one on display in Europe. Our vacation ended in Kladow, a more rural area still belonging to Berlin where we visited the grandmother of my wife and had some pizza at the restaurant La Riviera next to the harbour.

A lot of action for six days but still enough to see next year. See you in 2018, Berlin.


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