Britzer Garten

Big horticultural shows like the Bundesgartenschau (BUGA) or Internationale Gartenausstellung (IGA) attract a lot of visitors, cost a lot of money and transform landscapes. If all goes well the areas become important parks and recreation areas for the locals and still attract tourists. That’s the case concerning the Britzer Garten, the area of the Bundesgartenschau 1985 in western Berlin, Germany.

The Britzer Garten covers 90 hectares and is framed by the streets Mariendorfer Damm, Mohriner Allee and Buckower Damm close to the city quarter Neukölln. It is fenced and you’ll have to pay a small entrance fee at one of the gates located at the Buckower Damm, the Sangerhauser Weg, the Tauernallee, Mohriner Allee and the Massiner Weg. Within the park you can sit on the green, enjoy the plants and lakes or have something to drink or eat in one of the restaurants and snack bars.

Getting there with children is really nice as there are different playgrounds – including the biggest and best water playground I’ve ever seen. To reach all areas in this vast park there is a nice small railway running in circles (if it is not raining). It has a waggon for people in wheelchairs and a waggon for transporting buggies and handcarts. You can choose to pay for a round trip or for a selected number of stops after entering the train at one of the railway stations. It’s definitely fun!

Britzer Garten
(Bundesgartenschau, BUGA 1985)
Sangerhauser Weg 1
12349 Berlin

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