La Riviera

It’s just a pizzeria but it is one of the most child-friendly restaurants I’ve been to: the La Riviera at the harbour of Kladow, belonging to Berlin, Germany. You can get there by bus from Berlin Zoologischer Garten (bus X34) or by ship from Wannsee (ferry F10). The restaurant is located directly at the harbour and you can’t miss it.

What they serve is no surprise: some nice Carpaccio, pizza and pasta. You can sit inside or have your meal outside in a kind of beergarden. Next to the restaurant is a playground, a sandbox and you can play soccer. They are prepared for all the needs of children, they even got special children’s seats for the toilet. A good chance for a relaxed lunch or dinner.

Ristorante La Riviera
Imchenallee 48
14089 Berlin / Kladow

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