The right harbour

Especially older people getting to the Spreewald (Błota in Lower Sorbian) want to explore the old artificial channels in small traditional ships. These have benches and tables, often drinks are provided and they are moved by a person with a long bar pushing them forward. It is the Venezia of German retirees. Like it or not, it’s a big factor in local tourism.

If you’re in Lübbenau, Germany and want to do such a tour you have an important choice to make: which harbour you start from. The big harbor (“Großer Hafen“) is prepared for large groups, has good parking lots – but you are surrounded by many many people and stuffed into boats. Locals always recommend the small harbour (“Kleiner Hafen“) as it is not that much frequented, the tours offer more silence and the boats are not that full. Next to it you’ll find a small snack bar where you can get the traditional local gherkins and Schmalzbrot (bread with lard).

Kleiner Hafen
Spreestraße 10A
03222 Lübbenau

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