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We decided to split our wedding festivities in two parts – beginning with the official part at the registry office now and the church wedding and party in the Tierpark Sababurg in August. The first part of this all took place at the old town hall in Göttingen, Germany – a place I’ve been to many times in my life. We just wanted to do this formal action: signing some paper, exchanging rings.

But in the end it became much more than this, a wonderful ceremony. This was due to the many people surprising us and to the location itself. The town hall dates back to the year 1270 and can be found at the central market place of Göttingen, next to the famous Gänseliesel. The Gothic style building is beautifully decorated and has fantastic glass windows. In fact some family members thought they had missed the church wedding when seeing our photos. 😉

After having some sparkling wine and walking through an espalier with balloons shaped like hearts we continued to the great Italian restaurant Fellini located close-by. We had some pizza and pasta and enjoyed the sunny weather. And afterwards we wondered how emotional and nice such a simple formal action can be.

Altes Rathaus
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