Zur Fähre

If you’re looking for a beergarden in Hann. Münden, Germany the list of options isn’t too long. If you go a bit north to Hemeln, still belonging to Hann. Münden, there is a well-known and most-frequented one: the Gasthaus ‘Zur Fähre’. Lots of bikers get here on sunny days for a drink, a piece of cake or a #Strammer Max’ (bread with sausage and egg) under old trees.

It is located directly at the ferry boat (‘Weserfähre’) crossing the river Weser and thereby going from the federal state of Lower Saxony to Hesse and vice versa – without passport control. 😉 Parking lots are are available close-by for cars, bikes and motorcycles. Watching the ferry boat cross the river continuously is already half of the fun!

Gasthaus ‘Zur Fähre’
Fährstraße 5
34346 Hann. Münden / Hemeln


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