Zoo am Rammelsberg

There is no typical zoological garden at Kassel. If you want one of these, you need to go to Hannover, Leipzig or Frankfurt. What exists is a privately operated zoo for small animals: the Zoo am Rammelsberg. The entrance is free of charge and the costs are covered by donations. Many people use the opportunity to see and feed some animals, but the conditions under which they’re held are often disputed.

The zoological garden is located at the city quarter Wahlershausen next to the small mountain Rammelsberg. It can be found next to a community garden in a residential area, and you can access it via the roads Am Rammelsberg and Roterkopfweg. There are very very limited parking lots and the road there is narrow.

At the Zoo am Rammelsberg you can see flamingos, raccoons, pythons, lynxs, guinea pigs, owls, squirrels, goats and donkeys. You’re allowed to feed them with vegetables and noodles (really…) if you show the fodder at the entrance. This and the pretty narrow, self-made cages worry me. If you’ve got the chance, visit the Tierpark Sababurg instead.

Zoo am Rammelsberg
34131 Kassel

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