Zoo Leipzig

The zoological garden of Leipzig, Germany, is said to be the best zoo in the country. I don’t know whether I can confirm this – but it is mostly because of the massive construction works currently carried out there. The zoo is quite large, you can walk for many kilometres and in winter times a lot of animals stay inside or are simply not visible. The park contains many restaurants and playgrounds, lovely decorations and nicely themed sections. It is, for example, a real pleasure to walk on wooden walkways over a river to the monkey house.

The zoo was founded in 1898 by the owner of a restaurant. In cooperation with Carl Hagenbeck, he exhibited exotic animals. That was the germ cell for a giant zoo that was later growing and growing. Today you can see 9,000 animals of 800 species there. The highlight for sure is the Gondwanaland – a vast tropic hall with freely roaming animals between large plants and trees. You can, for example, see tapirs next to your path and fruit bats hanging in the trees. With ships, you can have a tour on the artificial river and you can walk on hanging bridges through the trees – it is really a fantastic adventure. The only thing to mention is, that there are constantly 24 degrees Celsius within the Gondwanaland which can be in high contrast to the temperature outside.

The Zoo Leipzig is located in the rose valley not far away from the main railway station. You can easily walk here on foot or take a tramway from the Hauptbahnhof.

Zoo Leipzig
Pfaffendorfer Str. 29
04105 Leipzig


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