Empty your pockets

It is said that the “Erlebnis-Zoo” in Hannover, Germany is the best zoological garden in Germany – and I would support this ranking. But to enter this place you’ll first have to have a lot of money; the entrance fees are pretty high – already for small children. For the inhabitants of Hannover better priced seasonal tickets seem to make this an option for more frequent children’s entertainment.

Throughout the park themes like Yukon bay or an Indian palace really give you the feeling to switch to other places. You don’t have the classical zoo experience and can get quite close to the animals. The catering offers are good, the paths lead you without the necessity to look an a map and along your way you will always find some small playgrounds – and at the end the biggest I’ve ever seen. A trip one wouldn’t do too often but worth the price!

Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover
Adenauerallee 3
30175 Hannover


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