Pizza Casa

My whole life I was living in an university town with plenty of fast food options. Deciding with the list of possible home delivery services at hand wasn’t easy – but you could always get something appropriate to your current desires. And now in Hann. Münden? Online services only list one place – “Pizza Casa” and ordering is only possible by phone call.

But this place located close to the Königshof is a good choice – it seems to be the only restaurant with a stone oven and the Turkish guys in front of it make very delicious pizza. In addition to the normal variations (“Quattro stagione“, what a surprise) they also have good vegetarian options and some references to their origin; pizza with Sucuk or Pastırma. If you don’t want to eat at home: it is also a restaurant.

Pizza Casa
Unterm Königshof 43
34346 Hann. Münden

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