Rural Berlin

I’ve been to Berlin, Germany many times in my life but I’ve only seen Berlin-Mitte and the surrounding areas attracting many visitors. But Berlin has also a rural side you can best explore between Berlin-Spandau and Potsdam: two small cities, Gatow and Kladow, spread a totally different atmosphere.

We were having a flat in Kladow where one part of the family of my fiancée roots. There you can walk down to the small harbour and take a boat to Wannsee. You can also go by car to Sacrow (belonging to Potsdam) and visit the beautiful Heilandskirche.

And by double-decker bus it is only a 45 minutes ride to Berlin-Zoologischer Garten where you can stop for the zoo and aquarium or travel further in by subway or S-Bahn. At these small cities you can relax at the shores of river Havel or hop to the bustling city center – all possible.

Kladow, Berlin

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