Like Firenze

Krämerbrücke, Erfurt

The Krämerbrücke is a bridge with multiple houses on it in Erfurt, Germany. According to the word “Krämer”, meaning grocer, a lot of merchants were located here. It is one of the town’s landmarks and it reminded me much of the wonderful Ponte Vecchio in Firenze, Italy. Even though it is less high and there isn’t so much water running under it – the Breitstrom, a part of the river Gera is just a small flow.

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Moaning with Bernd

Bernd das Brot, Erfurt

All around Erfurt, Germany you will find statues of characters from television series for children – this is because of the fact that Erfurt is home to the German children television channel (“Kinderkanal“, KiKa). One of the most visited is that of “Bernd das Brot“, a grumpy and depressive tin loaf located at the fish market close to the city hall.

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Humid tropics

egapark, Erfurt

The egapark in Erfurt, Germany is a landscape and garden park with some special features. It is 36 hectare large and has been built on the ground of an old castle and fortification. It was opened in 1950 with a first horticultural show and from 1961 on the Internationale Gartenbauausstellung (iga), an international garden show of the socialist states was located here.

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Erfurter Dom

Dom, Erfurt

The cathedral of Erfurt, Germany is a huge catholic church located on a hill in the center of the city. Next to it the Severinskirche can be found. It is said that the building dates back to the year 725 CE. During the many years different changes have been applied to the building, mostly gothic style elements have been added.

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First German-German meeting

Erfurter Hof, Erfurt

When you leave the main railway station of Erfurt, Germany you’ll immediately see a building with the words “Willy Brandt ans Fenster” (“Willy Brandt to the window”) on top. It is the Erfurter Hof, a former hotel in which the very first steps towards the German reunification were made. On the 19th of March, 1970 the chancellor of the FRG, Willy Brandt, met here with the prime minister of the GDR, Willi Stoph.

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The Centrum

Centrum, Erfurt

The Centrum in Erfurt, Germany is a music club in the capital city of the federal state of Thuringia. It is located close to the main railway station and the Juri-Gagarin-Ring. It is a small but wonderful place for concerts directly in the city center of Erfurt – easily reachable on foot.

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