Like Firenze

The Krämerbrücke is a bridge with multiple houses on it in Erfurt, Germany. According to the word “Krämer”, meaning grocer, a lot of merchants were located here. It is one of the town’s landmarks and it reminded me much of the wonderful Ponte Vecchio in Firenze, Italy. Even though it is less high and there isn’t so much water running under it – the Breitstrom, a part of the river Gera is just a small flow.

The bridge is first mentioned in the year 1117 and was part of the roman transit route Via Regia leading from Moscow, Russia to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. During the years it has been destroyed different times by fires and even the wars left some scars. As the bridge was an important landmark of the city the GDR government cared good for this memorial – that is why it is still a very nice place to visit.

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