Central Club

I came to Erfurt last in 2015 for a concert in a club called Centrum, located in the city center, between the Anger and the Juri-Gagarin-Ring. Its perfect location became a problem as the landlord decided that he could earn more money by rebuilding the place instead of hosting a club. Half a year after my visit the Centrum had to be closed and Erfurt lost a wonderful concert hall.

In 2019 fortunately the successor of the Centrum opened up: the Central Club. But sometimes nomen non est omen: the Central Club is everything but centrally located. It can be found in an old railway hall east of the city. I came here for an open-air concert of the German bands Madsen and Massendefekt and really enjoyed this location. While you are typically standing and dancing during a concert, you often would like to sit down during breaks as well as before and after the concert: the Central Club has nice opportunities for that with different kinds of seats, hammocks, canopy swings and sun loungers.

How to get to the Central Club? Easiest would be to go by car and they offer sufficient parking lots. All other options include a bit of walking and there are different bus lines stopping at different stamps around the club. I enjoyed taking tramway 4 to Ringelberg. From the final stop you still have to walk twenty minutes on farm tracks to the Central Club – but especially in the dark you’re rewarded with nice views on Erfurt in the distance.

Central Club
Am Wasserturm 8-10
99085 Erfurt


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