The Centrum

The Centrum in Erfurt, Germany is a music club in the capital city of the federal state of Thuringia. It is located close to the main railway station and the Juri-Gagarin-Ring. It is a small but wonderful place for concerts directly in the city center of Erfurt – easily reachable on foot.

Even if it is not far away from the Anger, it is a bit hard to find: it is located at the end of a winding dead-end street. The people crowding this place are gentle, getting something to drink is fastly possible. A great place for a party evening! I came here for a concert of one of my favorite bands: Sondaschule. And I really wasn’t disappointed.

UPDATE: The Centrum was closed in 2016 as the landlord wanted to use this very central area differently. In 2019 the Central Club was opened as a successor outside the city in a hall formerly used by the German railway company.

Anger 7
99084 Erfurt

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