Same procedure as every week

Wednesday. Every damn Wednesday. I have the feeling of having spent years in my life at the Thanner’s Tag & Nachtschänke in Göttingen, Germany. It is a rather dark but comfy bar directly at the Wilhelmsplatz. I was there every week during school and study times and while I was active in politics I told people that I would have my weekly consultation hours here – they were used frequently.

The bar offers specials every day that have been the same over the last ten years. On Wednesday it is time for beer brewed from wheat (“Hefeweizen“) – and there would be a revolution if they would change anything about this. Especially at the day before Christmas this place is very crowded, because the people return to their birthplace and always find their friends here. If you’re in need for something to eat: the “Europic” on the other side of the Wilhelmsplatz offers a delicious “Rollo Flamingo“.

Am Wilhelmsplatz
37083 Göttingen

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