Зоологическа градина

The zoological garden of София is located near the city center and shall obviously be accessible without barriers. They charge you the small amount of four Leva which is wonderful on the one hand, but on the other hand they should really gather funds for a serious makeover. Ferdinand I of Bulgaria was interested in natural history and supported science. As part of his work the zoo was opened in 1888.

With 38 hectares the zoological garden is rather large but home to few animals: Around 2500 of 300 species. That is not much but more than sufficient for an interesting day at the zoo. The living conditions are in some parts questionable but I’ve seen much worse situations in eastern Europe. Hopefully they’ll get support to improve the situation continuously.

Зоопарк София
Sofia Zoo
ул. „Чавдар Мутафов“ 37-11
1700 Ловен

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