When you arrive at София you can’t overlook the mountains next to the city, the Vitosha. It is surprisingly steep and the highest mountain is the Tscherni Wrach (black peak) with around 2,290 meters in height. The mountains dominate the skyline of the city and are an important recreation zone – for hiking, but also for skiing as the snow stays for a long time even after the winter.

There are different lifts that should bring you into the mountains, but during my stay they were all closed due to technical reasons. On weekends you can take a bus bringing you up, but you can also hike up from below. A famous destination is the Boyana waterfall that you can reach with a 90 minutes long hike from the city quarter Boyana. Other interesting sights are the Kopitoto TV tower with marvelous views and the Golden Bridges, a river of stones. But beware: You need a good physical condition; there is a lot of inclination to conquer.

Vitosha mountains

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