Presidential residence

When you walk through the city quarter Boyana of София you will probably come across a vast park protected by a strong metal fence. It is easy to guess whom this place was created for: Todor Zhivkov, the last Communist dictator of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria. Within you’ll find his residence, a giant palace with fantastic views on the capital city on one side of the building and a terrace facing the beautiful Vitosha mountains on the other side.

Today you might get here to visit the National Museum of History founded in 1973 and transferred to this place in the year 2000. The entrance is towards the Northwest and it feels like the best-protected museum in the world. You can see a lot of excavated treasures and learn more about Bulgarian history.

But to be honest, the best exhibit is the former presidential palace itself – the artworks, the marble staircases, the ceiling decorations and chandeliers. It is really a trip into the past and into Communist Bulgaria. What I absolutely enjoyed was the improvised snack bar in the back. There is nothing better than a Bulgarian beer on the terrace of the former president with the Vitosha mountains in the background.

Национален исторически музей
National Museum of History
ул. „Витошко лале“ 16
1404 кв. Бояна

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