One hundred forty steps

When you’re at Göttingen and want to see some animals, you don’t have too many options: the next zoological gardens are at Hannover and Frankfurt and the city just has the Kehr with some deer, wild boars and squirrels. A good option is the amazing Tierpark Sababurg at Hofgeismar, belonging to Hesse. But there is also an underrated option not far away: the Wildpark Hardegsen. It is owned by the small city of Hardegsen (7,500 inhabitants) and you don’t have to pay an entrance fee.

Upon arrival you can park your car close to a restaurant next to the deer park. The area is split into two parts: in the lower section you can find different deer, sheep, donkeys, goats, pigs, and meerkats. There is also a contact zone were you can pet the animals. The upper section can be reached by climbing 140 steps up the hill. There you will find a playground, wild boars, ferrets, birds and rabbits. Great to have such a wonderful place close-by!

Wildpark Hardegsen
Ertinghäuser Straße 4
37181 Hardegsen

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