They’re all mad there

If you’re going on a business trip to Frankfurt you can decide to do it the standard way and sleep in a shiny modern business hotel. Or you go for the crazy option and book the 25hours close to the main railway station. Yes, the red light district is not far and the atmosphere surrounding the hotel isn’t the best – but the hotel compensates that with lovely decorations, unusual facilities and great food.

It is best called a boutique hotel with a special world travelers design. Every room has a unique style facing a special region of the world. The common room really invites you to spend some time and there is also an inner courtyard where you can relax. The gym on the roof is rather a playground for adults and the sauna is a garden shed, but this place is lovely and crazy in a positive sense. Best of all the breakfast is Israeli style and you can enjoy some shakshuka and hummus to start your day.

25hours Hotel Frankfurt The Trip
Niddastraße 58
60329 Frankfurt am Main

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