It is called the biggest miniature railway in Poland – compared to German installations like the Miniaturwunderland in Hamburg, Kolejkowo in Wrocław is rather small. But it is fun! Located in a former railway station next to the city center it offers different scenarios on two levels.

You can see Karpacz and the Śnieżka mountain, different scenes of Wrocław and many more places. Different daytime scenarios are shown by lowering and increasing light intensity in the rooms and there is also a small playground.

Only a low number of trains (mostly of the German railway company), one tramway and one car was moving and school classes were crowding the place. Even as it wasn’t so big we had our fun and maybe it is the perfect size for younger children; not overwhelming them by too many scenarios and trains.

pl. Orląt Lwowskich 20B
53-605 Wrocław


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