Restaurant in the woods

If you go by car to Hann. Münden, Germany you might see two wooden signs for the restaurant Rinderstall (cattle stall) and a forest and hunting museum. You might be disappointed if you take the long ride deep into the forest: it is closed since a fire in the year 2013.

Having a restaurant here is a nice idea: you could have a nice walk and afterwards enjoy some cake. The owners are still working on restoring this place. They plan to open from Thursday to Sunday for lunch and coffee. They want to have a terrace and some rabbits and goats for the children.

Let’s see when this project is finished. Until then the Rinderstall is still the perfect location to park your car and have a long walk through the Naturpark Münden. A good destination is the Ameisenpfad – an assembly of anthills with explanatory signs.

You can get here following the road starting near the Abenteuerspielplatz (where the road to Laubach leaves Hann. Münden, “Nebenstrecke“). On the other hand there is a tiny road starting behind the serpentines of the B496 close to the Steinbachtalbrücke.

UPDATE: March 30, 2018

The restaurant was reopened today with lots of people visiting. On weekends they now serve small dishes as well as coffee and cake.

In 2018 the TV chef Frank Rosin helped the owners of the restaurant to improve their offering and their service. This episode of the TV show ‘Rosins Restaurants – ein Sternekoch räumt auf!‘ has been shown on the private TV channel ‘Kabel eins‘. As the Waldgasthaus Rinderstall doesn’t have a website you can’t easily find their menu. The best option is to have a look on their Facebook site: there they sometimes publish it.

Waldgasthaus Rinderstall
Hann. Münden

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