The Buddeleichenhütte in Hann. Münden is just a protective hut for hikers high above the city quarter Kattenbühl in the Kaufunger Wald. It might be a target destination for a short walk along the Eselsbach but it is most often a waypoint when continuing via the Fuhrmannstein to the Rinderstall (for some cake and a cup of coffee) or the Hühnerfeld (where you can walk through a swamp on a wooden path).

If bad weather surprises you while you’re passing this area the hut might by the right safe-harbour for you. The Buddeleichenhütte has been built in 1995 and seems to be also a place where people party on Father’s Day. But it would be great if the guys would take their trash home afterwards. But that seems to be a problem everywhere.

Hann. Münden, Germany

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