The Freilichtbühne Tannenkamp high above Hann. Münden, Germany is a wonderful place for cultural events. It is located in a beautiful forest and has a stage, a house for today’s necessary technical equipment, simple seats and two rings around made of stone where you can also sit.

The history of the Freilichtbühne goes back to dark times: it was created from 1932 on and it was use by the German Nazi rulers for what they thought would be typical German culture and for propaganda. On they left side there is a stone still telling you who made this stage: ‘Arbeitsdienst der NSDAP‘.

I once visited a concert here fifteen years ago and my church has a religious service at this place every year – but unfortunately it is not used much more often. There is a private  association that tries to arrange more events there – especially in summer time. But as the stage is located secludedly in the forest the benches and other equipment are sometimes vandalized.

Nevertheless it is a great place to visit and to play in the surroundings. There is a small parking space near the Freilichtbühne – wooden signs will guide you.

Freilichtbühne Tannenkamp
Hann. Münden, Germany

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