Gut Windhausen

Schloss Windhausen, Gut Windhausen, Niestetal

The Gut Windhausen at Niestetal, Germany is a hidden gem that already has seen better days. A village at this location was mentioned first in 1241, the ownership changed over time. The best times began when Maria Anna Amalia of Courland, the wife of Charles I, landgrave of Hesse-Kassel bought the area and general Martin Ernst von Schlieffen moved in. A manor house in baroque style was built here by his request from 1769 on.

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No man’s land

Niemandsland, Niestetal/Staufenberg

In the forest between Landwehrhagen, Staufenberg and Heiligenrode, Niestetal you can observe a special border situation: as both, the kingdom of Hannover and the landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel wanted to use a path through the forest they found an easy solution. The border stones are simply placed on the left and the right side of the path creating a ‘Niemandsland‘ (no man’s land) not belonging to one of these two parties. When you’re standing in between you’re neither in the kingdom nor in the landgraviate.

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