When was the last time you walked barefoot through a forest? Too long ago? A good option to experience this can be found at Nienhagen belonging to Staufenberg, Germany: the Barfußpfad Nienhagen. Unlike other barefoot paths it is not concentrated at one place. You can walk 2.5 kilometers and every now and then there is something special.

It starts with a dune of sand and a small mountain to climb up. The route is clearly marked by signs in the form of feet. You can test how it feels to walk on wood, stone, gravel, clay balls and cones. You can walk through mud, take a wooden ladder and cross a river. After one kilometer you can return to your car if necessary. That way you can also take a shorter walk and split the path into two parts. The path is easy to walk and has only a small inclination but you can‘t do it with a buggy or wheelchair.

At the end of the path you can clean and relax your feet in a small river. The barefoot path is already a bit older and needs to be repaired a little bit – but obviously there is someone who cares about it and keeps the way accessible. There is no coffee bar or ice cream parlor next to the path but you can sit down at different places. And you can go to the center of the village where you will find a restaurant, a small shop and a village museum.

Barfußpfad Nienhagen
Ingelheimstraße 29
34355 Staufenberg-Nienhagen

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