One of the nicest walks I made near Hann. Münden, Germany! You can follow a small river from where it runs into river Werra up the hill to its sources. On the way there are small waterfalls, natural small ponds and you have to cross the river multiple times on improvised wooden and stone bridges.

Where to start the trip?

You can start your tour at the Flux Biohotel where you can park your car or the Grundmühle (an old mill that once was a restaurant) and simple follow the river. The way seems to be last restored in the year 2004 and has not been repaired since then – only big trees have been cut so that you can pass more easily.

It is now obviously an unofficial path and that makes it an adventure. Near the end you will find a table with benches where you can have a picnic. Don’t miss the old beech some meters further up the hill. If you’re good at hiking you can create a round course via the Glasebachtal or simple walk back the same way. If you are looking on maps don’t be irritated: the Grundbach is called Laubach near the village with the same name.

Grundmühle, Laubach
34346 Hann. Münden

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