The Glasebach is a small river that runs into river Werra near the restaurant Spiegelburg (Zella) close to Laubach, Hann. Münden, Germany. It received its name because of the fact that once glass was produced there. The river floats through a nice small mountainous valley that can be divided into three sections.

In the lower part the river is accompanied by a forest road on which you have to walk steadily up the hill. When it turns right towards Laubach a nice path along the river begins that leads up. You need to cross the river twice and as the forest changes the plants and the colors change, too. It’s probably the best part of the way.

At the end of the middle section a road crosses the river and the upper part begins. There obviously less people walk and nature begins to be more wild and the path starts being more narrow. At all three sections you can enter the Glasebachtal: you can park your car at the restaurant Spiegelburg and start at the lower section.

Otherwise you can park at Laubach and start directly at the middle section. Or you can combine the visit of the Glasebachtal with a wonderful walk through the Grundbachtal and switch between these two valleys at their upper ends. The latter would be a nice but pretty long day trip. If you park at the restaurant Spiegelburg try their beer garden: the owners from the Netherlands serve good Frikandel Spezial.

Laubach, Hann. Münden

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