Easter fire

The tradition of making a big fire at Easter is widespread throughout Germany. When I was young I never joined one of these events. I was always living in a city and these fires mostly take place at the villages around and are organized by the local volunteer firefighters.

This time we went to Oberode, a small village close to Hann. Münden, Germany. At the headquarters of the firefighters we could buy and light a torch for our youngest one who carried it in a march of around 60 people towards the fireplace. There the children started the huge fire with their torches.

Around the fire you could buy grilled sausages and drinks. The fire didn’t start well as the weather was very humid. They had to use three units of natural gas to really get it started. Meanwhile we were standing there, discussing with locals we knew and enjoying the fire. A nice tradition! Look up the date and time in local newspapers or on the Internet – in some places they start on Easter Sunday, others light the fire a day earlier.

34346 Hann. Münden

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