Between the city boundaries of Hann. Münden, Germany and its externally located city quarter Bonaforth you can find the Rauschenbunnen – a small and unimportant well that must have meant something to somebody in earlier days. Otherwise the beautiful decoration and the stonework around it is not explainable.

How does the Rauschenbrunnen look like today?

In front of the Rauschenbrunnen there is a rather long cascade made from stone and the front surface of the well is made from metal: two small angels are depicted. It must be standing here pretty long as the metal shows already a lot of deterioration. Unfortunately there are no publicly available sources of its origin. As the area above the street leading to Hann. Münden has been secured against landslides recently there is now a drainage: the water goes into a tube and is lead under the street and the railway to the river Fulda.

How to get to the Rauschenbrunnen?

If you want to get there start from the only roundabout in Hann. Münden at the Vogelsang and walk up the street called Galgenberg. When it turns left continue straight forward into the forest – a wooden sign will tell you were you have to turn right to find the well. Don’t be irritated when seeing the street name Rauschenbrunnenweg – it is still 500 meters away from the well and you have to walk forward into the forest.

34346 Hann. Münden

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